The catalogue is available free of charge at the festival venues from January 4th, 2019.




If you prefer to have a personal copy sent directly to you, please direct your order to our Munich office and enclose stamps to the value of 2.10 € (i.e. 3 stamps to the value of 70 Cent each) for orders within Germany.

For orders from other European countries, please transfer 10.00 € to our account, and send us your desired shipping address by mail or email. Maximum amount per shipping is 2.

We reliably gather all catalogue orders and ship the copies at around the same time as they become available at the festival venues.


Leaf through

will be online January 2019



will be online January 2019


Please direct all mail to our Munich office.



Rosebud Entertainment

Andreas Bernauer

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80331 München


Bank details:

Privatbank Donner & Reuschel

RECIPIENT: Rosebud Entertainment

IBAN: DE60 200 303 00 028 258 55 00





In order to reduce possible sources of error, please observe the following when placing an order: